It’s been a while, but I’ve just picked up Blackstone Fortress for a family Christmas present and so I need to get back into painting again. I browsed through my shelves looking for an appropriate model and came across an old Commissar model I picked up second hand with an Imperial Guard army many years ago. What better way to get back into painting characters!

I started off with basecoats across the entire model, using Abbadon Black; Naggaroth night; Bugmans glow; Balthasar gold; Khorne red; Macragge blue; Leadbelcher; and Dryad bark.

Turns out I can still paint reasonably neatly, and mister Commissar is looking reasonably good after a first coat.

Next was the skin: Cadian fleshtone layer, shaded with Riekland flesh, highlight with Cadian flesh, then Kislev flesh.

I shaded the pants, boots and metallics with Nuln oil. Pants were then layered with The Fang; 1:1 Tge Fang to Fenrisian Gray, then final highlight with Fenrisian Grey. Sash was then layered with Xereus, Genestealer and Pink Horror.

The cape was layered with 1:1 Abbadon:Stormvermin, followed by 1:3 and then straight Stormvermin.

The edging was Xereus purple. No layers yet.

End of the night:



Dark Angels Terminator w Heavy Weapon

Got a bit more done for this month’s Deathmatch.  Here’s the finished Terminator Heavy Weapon dude:


da-heavy-terminator-front da-heavy-terminator-rear

Chaos Sorceror painted

So, I’ve painted the Sorceror now as well.  Here’s the paints used for the NMM bronze on the staff:

Base – Mourn fang brown base


Layer one – 2:1 Mournfang brown : White scar

Layer two – 1:1 Mournfang brown: White scar

Layer three – 1:2 mournfang brown:White scar


Layed one – Dryad bark

Layer two – 2:1 dryad bark : abandon black

Layer three – 1:1 dryad bark : abbadon black

Then highlighted with White scar (inc reflections), washed with Seraphim sepia all over, and then the main highlights picked out again in White scar.  I’m quite happy with the results, which can be compared with the skull done in metallic paints – the icon and tip are NMM:

Sorceror Staff NMM

Sorceror Rear Sorceror Profile Sorceror Front

Chaos Sorceror Conversion

So, after a long break, I’m back into the conversion work as well as painting!  More Dark Vengeance (DV) goodies!

Chaos Sorcerer – Parts from left to right are: Sorceror head from the Chaos Terminator Lord kit, Plasma pistol and arm from the DV Tactical Sergeant – cut down a bit, the back/cape of the DV Chaos Lord – cut down around the head and around the right arm, the DV Chaos Lord torso, minor adjustments, the DV Lord Arm pistol and hand removed, and the staff from the Chaos Terminator Lord/Sorcerer kit.

Here it is put together (phone photos I’m afraid), along with the Tzeentch Champion backpack from the Chaos Tactical Marines kit.  Small amounts of green stuff added to fill the gaps and create a neck.

Dark Angels Terminator Sergeant

After a long, long break, with a few bits a pieces done here and there, I got back on the wagon again for a July Deathmatch.

Here is Veteran-Sergeant Haldith of the Deathwing of the Angels of Wrath.

I also tried using some GIMP editing tricks to make a good looking pocture like the ones out of the codexes.  Not sure that I achieved the aim.

Terminator Sergeant Combined

More Marines and some Nids

Well, after a bit of hiatus, April saw two sets of models painted, again for’s monthly Hobby Deathmatch.

This is the last of the tactical marines for the current Dark Angels list, and the first of the main Tyranid horde painting.Marines1


First Ravenwing Biker

Here’s the first biker, mostly finished:

DSCN8704 DSCN8701 DSCN8703

Cypher Conversion from Dark Vengeance Librarian

So, next on the list for conversion is the Dark Vengeance Librarian.  I thought that with his hood and robes, as well as general posture and outstretched arm, that I would try to turn him into Cypher, the Fallen Angel.  It also provides a good addition to my Chaos force, which is a little lighter on points than the Dark Angels after the two boxes are added (even considering the terminators jumping sides).

So, first off was to grab the librarian, excluding the force sword left arm, and then remove the Librarian shoulder pad and the Psychic Hood.  This ended up a bit tricky later on as a part of the shoulder pad was attached to the body which made it hard to attach the shoulder pad later, but anyway…

Then was the tedious part of removing the Dark Angels and Librarian iconography., which included both shin sections, the horns off the side of the skull in the middle of the belt, the purity seal on the book and the dark angels symbol on the tabard.  I left the books, keys, scrolls and assorted other bits because I thought they didn’t detract from the idea of Cypher – particularly if he was a lore keeper in the fluff.

I didn’t specifically take a photo of that step, but you can see it below.  Next the Librarian’s hand was removed and replaced with a bolt pistol and hand from the Chaos Marine set (little horn removed).  I thought this might add to the age idea, since the CSM items are supposed to be heresy era.  I used a Space Wolves Plasma Pistol – mostly because I thought the icon on top would do for a lion as well as a wolf and the arm pose was reasonable.  A pair of generic marine shoulder pads, one with the rivet patterns was added – the left arm was difficult because the way it connected – I had to take more off the shoulder part on the body that the previous picture showed in order to make it fit better.

The final main part was the Chaos Lord backpack, used because one of the pictures in the dataslate has a skull motif backpack on Cypher, which I liked.  It’s also not too Chaos-y – even with the skull and spine patter there are no tentacles or mutations.  I did snip off the base of the spinal column/tail bone area to level with the base of the backpack.

Here’s a side by side of the original Librarian and Cypher. I then had a quick look at the GW model on the website and realised that I had forgotten the sword, so back to the bitz box where I found the following sword (not sure what from originally):
 I chopped out the hand section and placed on the model.  I picked this sword because I am going to paint it as a scabbard and the shape lent itself to being a scabbard a bit more than many of the others that I looked at.

Here is the final product (being chased by the Ravenwing as it happens):

Obliterater 2 and some more Dark Vengeance Conversions

So, I decided that I needed some green stuff for my land speeder conversion, so in a land of warped logic, I spent the whole day working on an obliterater so that I had two things to work on with the green stuff at the same time.

Only, I got so distracted that I never got to the green stuff, and I never got back to the landspeeder…

So, Obliterater number two started with an Assault on Black Reach (AoBR) terminator as well, but I wanted to change the dimensions a bit more with this one.  Since it was painted, you can see the terminator bitz and the other bitz seperately in the pictures quite easily:

I made an assault cannon-like weapon out of cotton buds:

I split the terminator torso in half.  I intend to keep the back vents showing in the final model, but I want it to look like it outgrew the original armour.  Then I split up the legs instead of just going over them like the last one.  I added a landspeeder typhoon missile launcher to the top.

Then I pinned the main bitz together into an armature of the final shape:

Next I tackled the arm:

Split it up as well.  I want to keep the hand, the connector and if I can, the cable tray as well: Then I got some old audio-visual wire from a spare cord that I didn’t need any more, cut it up and used it to connect the second typhoon launcher to the right arm:

 Then for the gap filler, to which the head and the spikes (bamboo cooking skewers) are pushed into.  I then modelled some muscle shapes onto the body and inserted some paperclip wire that will become tentacles soon:

Because I was on a roll, I then chopped the arms off my second Helbrute and added the Demon Prince bitz that I bought.  I also left off the front plate with the mouth thing and the horns.  At the moment the whole thing is blue-taked together so I can see how it feels.  I’m reasonably happy with it so far:

Desert Buildings – Knights of Dice Tabula Rasa Range

So, my wife decided to take me to CanCon today for some distraction….

I found the stand for Knights of Dice and their range of scenery.  All of it was excellent, but what caught my attention was the Tabula Rasa Desert buildings range.  They’re a minimalist set of terrain with the intent that they leave the detailing up to you but provide an easy set up and start on the process.  They’re laser cut out of MDF and the five buildings in total set me back $84 AUS, which is the cost of about 13 citadel paints (for comparison).

  Here’s what’s in the package – the smaller buildings were two or three sheets each ($14 a pop) and the larger compounds were four or five ($20 and $22).
  I found them relatively easy to assemble – as far as I can tell there is only one way to make everything fit, so you get no flexibility but no chance of getting it wrong.  There were no instructions, which could be an are for improvement – luckily the pictures on the cover did show enough angles to puzzle out which parts went where.  It took 13 minutes to punch out and test assemble the first building (Desert Residence 3), which was one of the smaller ones.  Another 10 minutes and it was all glued together and done – which included me going around the house several times to find bits that I needed.  I suspect that if I had been better prepared  would have had it together in 20 minutes.
 Access into each of the buildings is quite good.  All of the roofs are removable, as are all of the second story areas on the larger buildings.
  Overall it took around 1:30 to assemble the five pieces.

I really like the design – there simple, effective and easy.  It might be a bit repetitive if I were to scale up and have a duplicate of each building, but there was at least one more building in the range that I didn’t get, so there is a bit more scope for growth.

I’ve added the website to my favourites though.  I thought the models did exactly what they should do, and what they claim to.