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Second Death Company Marine

I finished this guy a couple of weeks ago, but then didn’t have a camera to take pictures with.





























NMM Sanguinary Guard – Try 3

Well, I’ve finally gotten off my butt and finished off this guy’s armour.  I’ve called it try three, but it is really a second full repaint from the first attempt.  These pictures show the face and the back of the model completed.  One front of the wing is finished, the others are all half way through at the moment.

The work is not perfect, but I’ve learened a lot about painting, and I am happy with the overall result.  My ability to tke pictures with me new camera though leaves something to be desired.

Ajiusa, Captain of the 3rd Company, Blood Guard

Here’s what I’ve been working on for the last month:

Captain Ajiusa, 3rd Company, Blood Guard

Ajiusa is renowned as one of the most tactically astute of the Blood Guard.  His steadfastness against the Red Thirst as a scout and then when he first joined the Assault squad won him quick secondment to the Devastator squads of the 9th.  From there he was moved to the 3rd where he served with distinction in the fifth squad under Sergeant Realis for over three centuries until his selection to Sergeant to replace Realis.  As the Captain of the 3rd Realis was intimate with the ability of Ajiusa to adeptly read the battlefield and to chose whichever strategy was most appropriate, repeatedly overriding his innate tendencies towards close combat.  Realis arranged for Ajiusa to be seconded to the Ultramarines for training as a Sergeant, which he completed alongside Sergeant Marneus Calgar in 258-312.M41.  On return to the 3rd company, he served as a Sergeant for the next six centuries until the death of Realis in the Campunaga Campaign of 654.M41.  He was then selected as Captain, where he has continued to serve with distinction.