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How I paint power weapons

I thought I should probably write down how I paint my power weapons, before I lose my hardcopy notes.

Step 1 – Basecoat with a 1:1:1 mix of Ice Blue, Hawk Turquoise and Ushabti Bone:

Sword Step 1

Step 2 – Highlight with 1:1:2 mix of Ice Blue, Hawk Turquoise and Ushabti Bone:

Sword Step 2

Step 3 – Highlight with a 1:1:3:2 mix of Ice Blue, Hawk Turquoise, Ushabti Bone and White Scar:

Sword Step 3

Step 4 – Darken with a 1:1 mix of Regal Blue and Hawk Turquiose:

Sword Step 4

Step 5 – Darken with very watered down Chaos Black:

Sword Step 5

Step 6 – Highlight with White Scar:

Sword Step 6


Chaos Chosen with Power Axe

Axe Chosen Front Axe Chosen Rear

Angels of Wrath Company Master

Company Manster FrontCompany Master SideCompany Master Rear

Company Master Combined


Chaos Obliterator Conversion Part 3

The next part.  I started with a collection of heavy weapons.  Not all got used in the end.


I cut them up into parts to combine.


Then I made a combination weapon out of some of the parts, using a piece of curved sprue for an upper arm piece.


Greenstuff over the sections to add the ‘muscles’.

IMG_1135I added a face onto the shoulder pad to see if I could get the ‘demon possessed look’ to match the Dark Vengeance Chosen.

IMG_1136Picture of the back of the arm:

IMG_1137Overall, I think I’m happy with the result.

Battle Report – First 1000 Point battle!

Now that I’ve gotten a bit further through assembling the second Dark Vengeance box, I thought it was time to increase the complexity of the games a bit as well.  It also meant that the kids could each control one ‘detachment’ of the Angels of Wrath (Dark Angels).

The lists were:


Chaos – Lord, Chosen, Helbrute, CC Cultists, Cultists (original box) reinforced by Terminators (converted), 2 Obliterators (red Terminators at this stage) as well as the two squads of cultists from the second box.

Dark Angels – Master, Librarian, Tactical Squad, Ravenwing Squad, Deathwing (original box) reinforced by a second Tactical Squad and a second Ravenwing Squad.  My Daughter took command of the painted tact squad and ravenwing, along with the Master.  My Son took charge of the Librarian and the unpainted tac and ravenwing squads.  The assumed dual command of the terminators.

Angels of Wrath Deployment:


Chaos Deployment (with the Terminators in reserve):


First turn was mostly movement.  My daughter’s bikes sped up the left flank towards the hill, while my son’s headed for the centre of the table and through the door of the ruins.  The Chaos side advanced for cover mostly.  My daughter then got in trouble for not brushing her hair…


Angels second turn: More infantry advance with the Ravenwing bolting for their targets.  The (part) painted bikes on the left shot, then charged, then ran over the autogun cultist Sect.  The unpainted Ravenwing in the centre of the ruins advanced again and took out one of the obliterators.  Plasma cannon fire aimed at the Helbrute scattered instead to pick off a trio of CC cultists hiding behind the hill.


Chaos second turn: The Chosen and Chaos Lord charged the previously victorious bikes, shooting one biker off before the Lord challenged the Sergeant and killed him, gaining a Boon – originally spawnhood, but with the Warlord Trait of a re-roll saved himself with a boost to Deny the Witch.  The next chosen finished off the third biker.  The heavy weapons in the middle picked off the second Ravenwing sergeant.


Third turn:  The lone remaining Ravenwing charged the cultists in the crater, making some headway in his turn.  The rest of the Angels advanced towards the centre.  In the Chaos turn, the chosen and Lord printed towards the ruin, the obliterator took out a Deathwing terminator and the cultists swarm finally outdid the last Ravenwing biker.  Then the Terminators deep struck into the rear left of the Angels line (grey models), spattering fire into the back of the tactical squad.


Final Angels turn saw the Librarian detach himself to Smite the Chaos Terminators, killing one, the Plasma Cannon from the unpainted squad killed a second, the Deathwing killed a third and the painted Tactical Squad charged in and killed the fourth (with bolter butt after the Mark of Tzeentch saved them from the Master and Sergeants Power Swords).


This was when we had to call it a night, because dinner was ready and the battlefield needed to return to it’s normal purpose.  Counting units destroyed (2 Angel vs 1 Chaos), both Warlords alive and first blood to the Angels we drew at 2-2.  Here are the (almost) victorious commanders of the Angels:IMG_1130

Dark Vengeance Conversion – Ravenwing Sergeant Two

Here’s the next one in the list, modifying the Ravenwing Sergeant.  Again, removing the bare head in favour of a helmeted one, replacing the chainsword with a Dark Angels power fist, a Ravenwing shoulder pad and adding a Dark Angels symbol to the backpack.

I’m going to use this guy as the Veteran Sergeant and move the standard out of the box one down to an ordinary guy in the combined squad.  Alternately, they might be deployed as two smaller bike units.

So, here’s the un modified piece:


First was the arms removal, at the shoulder, IMG_1120then the head was removed.  I originally tried to keep parts of the hood, but I just couldn’t shape a head down to fit correctly with it – I ended up destroying an entire marine head in the process.  The second head only had a little bit of modification in order to allow it to fit on a flat (ish) body instead of in the normal space allocated.

Last was just the addition of an extra piece out of my bitz box, probably from a Ravenwing upgrade sprue originally.



Dark Vengeance Conversions – Tactical Sergeant Two

Since my pack of new bitz arrived, I’ve taken a break from the Chaos side to give a bit of love to the Dark Angels.

I converted the first sergeant as well, because frankly, I hate bare heads.  The only models I think they belong on are the insane (beserkers, Death Company) or the insanely arrogant – hance one of the Chaos Terminators.

Anyway, I cut off the second sergeant at the waist of the back piece, just below the belt.  Then I replaced the back with a standard marine one, put the DV front on it and then added new arms, head and backpack from the bitz collection.

Here’s the two converted sergeants together:


Bitz, Glorious Bitz


Turns out my normal webstore supplier of bitz sells bags of bitz at a reasonable price – take whatever you get in the snaplock bag.  I found this out while looking through the prices of various heavy weapon options for my obliterator conversions.

So, I succumbed to the temptation.  Here’s what I got:






IMG_1103Blood Angels:

IMG_1104Space Wolves:

IMG_1105Dark Angels:

IMG_1106Accessories, scrolls, pouches, etc:

IMG_1107Inquisition and unknown:




Chaos Obliterator Conversion Part 2

Some more work.

So, I removed the front chest piece from the terminator, and then added gap filler to, oddly enough, fill the gap.  A chaos marine head went onto the gap filler as it set.


Next, some greenstuff to bulk up the legs.  These are also my first attempts at doing muscle shapes, and while a bit poor, I did learn a bit as I was going.  The abs definitely didn’t work quite as I’d hoped, but oh well.


I added a bit on the back of the arm as well.  Again, tried to get the look/feel of a tricep going.  Not sure I got there, but the oblits give me a bit of leeway to learn.


Lastly, I tried a technique I saw on the web the other day for making chain mail.  That used up my leftovers.