Monthly Archives: January 2012

Indomitable Fortress Part Six

More work.  Again, a bit slow tonight after work…


Indomitable Fortress Part Five

Indomitable Fortress Part Four

Indomitable Fortress Part Three

Here’s the third day’s work…

Indomitable Fortress Part Two

Well, some more work done on the fortress.  The left side battlement is almost complete, the gun mount has been lowered a bit to fit in with the remainder of the terrain, the main tower construction has commenced and the missile launcher is finished.

Indomitable Fortress Part One

Here’s my attempt to build an Indomitable Fortress for Planetstrike using parts of my Imperial Strongpoint kit.

Scout Part 2

Finished Scout.

Death Company Marine Number 3 & Marine Scout

Both of these were painted for the January Painting Deathmatch.  The scout is about 90% done, but I’m not sure if I’ll get more time to paint today or not, so in he goes so I don’t miss the deadline.