Monthly Archives: March 2015

Broken Aquila

Well, after a long break, I’m back painting again. In order to get the skills back up, I thought I’d start on some scenery – a bit bigger, and a touch more forgiving than the miniatures.

Anyway, the paints are:

Brown section: basecoat with brown earth, dry brushed 50/50 brown earth and raw sienna, dry brushed with raw sienna.

Blue: layered up from black with watered down ultramarine blue (about 8 or 9) layers, highlight with 50/50 ultramarine and white, then with citadel ice blue.

Skulls then taken from brown, basecoat with yshabti bone, highlight with screaming skull, then dashed with seraphim sepia.

Green is pine green, dry brushed with light green. Grass is scorched grass and the bushes are summer cooler clump.