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Chaos Sorceror painted

So, I’ve painted the Sorceror now as well.  Here’s the paints used for the NMM bronze on the staff:

Base – Mourn fang brown base


Layer one – 2:1 Mournfang brown : White scar

Layer two – 1:1 Mournfang brown: White scar

Layer three – 1:2 mournfang brown:White scar


Layed one – Dryad bark

Layer two – 2:1 dryad bark : abandon black

Layer three – 1:1 dryad bark : abbadon black

Then highlighted with White scar (inc reflections), washed with Seraphim sepia all over, and then the main highlights picked out again in White scar.  I’m quite happy with the results, which can be compared with the skull done in metallic paints – the icon and tip are NMM:

Sorceror Staff NMM

Sorceror Rear Sorceror Profile Sorceror Front


Chaos Sorceror Conversion

So, after a long break, I’m back into the conversion work as well as painting!  More Dark Vengeance (DV) goodies!

Chaos Sorcerer – Parts from left to right are: Sorceror head from the Chaos Terminator Lord kit, Plasma pistol and arm from the DV Tactical Sergeant – cut down a bit, the back/cape of the DV Chaos Lord – cut down around the head and around the right arm, the DV Chaos Lord torso, minor adjustments, the DV Lord Arm pistol and hand removed, and the staff from the Chaos Terminator Lord/Sorcerer kit.

Here it is put together (phone photos I’m afraid), along with the Tzeentch Champion backpack from the Chaos Tactical Marines kit.  Small amounts of green stuff added to fill the gaps and create a neck.

Dark Angels Terminator Sergeant

After a long, long break, with a few bits a pieces done here and there, I got back on the wagon again for a July Deathmatch.

Here is Veteran-Sergeant Haldith of the Deathwing of the Angels of Wrath.

I also tried using some GIMP editing tricks to make a good looking pocture like the ones out of the codexes.  Not sure that I achieved the aim.

Terminator Sergeant Combined

More Marines and some Nids

Well, after a bit of hiatus, April saw two sets of models painted, again for’s monthly Hobby Deathmatch.

This is the last of the tactical marines for the current Dark Angels list, and the first of the main Tyranid horde painting.Marines1


First Ravenwing Biker

Here’s the first biker, mostly finished:

DSCN8704 DSCN8701 DSCN8703

Attack Bike

So, I’ve now put together and magnetised my Ravenwing Attack Bike, using pieces from the Ravenwing Upgrade Spure that I’ve had hanging around for a while.  I did adjust the angle on the wing piece at the back to match the Dark Vengeance ones though.

Here’s the biker on his own:

He can change out his pistol for a hand weapon (melta, plasma, flamer), and the side car is magnetised to connect:

  Here you can see the side car magnets.  Each weapon has one at the back end of the gun, and there is one in the centre of the gunner handle.  Opposite angle for the biker:
  Here are the magnets in the bases of the multi-melta and the melta-gun.  They’re 2mm diameter ones – the bike connectors are 3mm.  And ready for battle:

Month’s Achievements – January 2016

In line with my attempt to do some hobby work each day, I thought I should write down what I’ve been doing:

Wednesday 20th Jan – found video on attack bike assembly

Thursday 21st Jan – assembled half of an attack bike.

Friday 22nd Jan – finished magnetising and assembling attack bike.

Saturday 23rd Jan – assembled desert terrain buildings (x5)

Sunday 24th Jan – worked on land speeder magnetisation.

Monday 25th Jan – fiddled with land speeder magnets.

Tuesday 26th Jan – conversion frenzy.

Wednesday 27th Jan – finished green section on Planetary Empires tiles.

Thursday 28th Jan – Started brown sections on Planetary Empires tiles.

Friday 29th Jan – Worked on Chaos Sorcerer conversion.

Saturday 30th Jan – Worked on brown sections of Planetary Empires tiles.

Sunday 31st Jan – Took the day off.

Dead of Winter Terrain – Part Two

Well, the last week has been quite productive.  Other than having an issue with the second casting that required me to make another lot of bricks and set me back a day, I’ve been relatively good on progress.

First, I built the Masoluem as it was going to be the largest part.  Here is the initial part being built, with a Space Marine enclosed for size check – this is aimed at a being slightly smaller than a marine.

Once that was done, I added the rest of the graves around it and the ruined fence and some rubble.
  Last part was to add the vines and some bushes.

Then it got painted up:

  The I added the snow:

img_1255 img_1260 img_1258 img_1257 img_1259

Dead of Winter Terrain – Part One


So, I’ve been told I need to spend more time being creative, so I’m going to try hard to do some modelling or painting every day.  Here is today’s effort, starting an entry for’s Monthly Terrain Group Build, under the theme “Dead of Winter”.


So, this evening I’ve used the plaster mould from a kit that I bought the kids a(using my plaster not theirs), to create the bricks that I want to build a mausoleum type structure.  I’ve made two casts, and they are now drying for the next 24 hours.

I got an oscillating multi-tool for Christmas, so my first attempt at using it was to cut the base out of a piece of MDF from a dismantled set of drawers that we no longer needed.  It’s not as good as some of the purpose made scatter bases, but it will do for me, and I’m getting to use the tool.

Gaming Table – Part One

For Christmas, my wife bought me a gaming table. Only catch was tidying the garage enough to fit it in.

Not sure exactly what the table was previously – she got it from s furniture recycling place. It may have been a shop counter, since we found the locked draw was a cash draw. Anyway, it has tonnes of draws and cupboards:

The next part was to put on the mdf board table top. It’s not the strongest table, but is does what it needs to. The final top is 1800 x 1200, so just shy of 6′ x 4′.