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Industrial Discharge

The theme for the latest Miniwargaming Group Build is exit/entry. I’ve got an idea for an industrial board theme with an underground facility, so I thought I’d do the discharges.

Intention is that it may be able to provide cover from the industrial smoke/smog, and that it can count as either difficult or dangerous terrain because of the waste products.

The basis of the terrain is the plastic from a calligraphy set.  The large sections at the bottom of the picture are where the three pens were shipped, the odd shaped bit with three long bulges and the big square on the left hand side are from the nibs.  The remaining sections are from where the ink cartridges sat.  The black section is from the packaging of a plastic birthday medal that I was given last year.  Pink bits are a drinking straw, the discharge is PVA glue left to dry.  Final section is GW hobby sand.



Next, I added some cotton wool to make the smoke.



I sprayed everything with gloss enamel in order to help the cotton wool retain it’s shape, then primed it black, leaving some white showing through the cotton wool (though not much).  It appears that either the enamel or the undercoat dissolved parts of the plastic, which is perfect – I had wanted to do some decay modelling on the piece but spent so much time on my Painting Deathmatch entry that I didn’t get to it.





Next I basecoated the metal with a 1:2 mix of black and silver.  This took two coats (picture at the end of the first coat).  I then drybrushed the whole area with a 1:5 mix of black and silver.





Green painted pine green (no real surprises there).  Watered down brown was applied into all of the recesses to start the rusty effects.





The rust was built up by stippling on a light brown/sienna.





The ooze was basecoated a 1:1 mix of yellow and sienna.





Light green drybrush.




Ooze built up with pure yellow to a sickly shade.






Highlighted with silver and a bit of stippling and stripes to add to the degraded look.




Final step was some scenic clumps and some scorched grass.


Final product, with Marine for scale:

012 010 011


NMM Sanguinary Guard 3 Part 3

Here’s the final product:

NMM Sang Guard 3-1 NMM Sang Guard 3-2 NMM Sang Guard 3-3 NMM Sang Guard 3-4 NMM Sang Guard 3-Group

NMM Sanguinary Guard 3 pt 2

Here’s the second set if pics, the gold armour is finished and the wings and the red just started.



Honoured Imperium I – Statue

Well, because I can paint terrain while the kids are up, here’s my effort for today.

Step one, basecoat with a 1:2 ratio or black:silver



Step two, heavy dry brush with a 1:5 ratio of black:silver.20130113-220818.jpg



Step three, drybrush with silver.



Step four, paint base nuetral gray.



Step five, stipple white paint on with a sponge, then with a brush.



Step six, overbrush/highlight the edges of the stone with white to emphasize the shape.



Step seven, paint lines on the white marble with Eshin Grey



Step eight, hardcost gloss over the marble




NMM Sanguinary Guard 3 pt 1

Legs have now got the first 10 steps done. I’ll do steps 11 & 12 over the whole armour at the same time.