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Assembled Tactical Marines – 1st to 4th Squads

Well, I’ve finished off the last four marines from the last post (bitz arrived in the mail), so I thought it was time for a close up of the different squads and how I’ve tried to individualise them to the stories.

The first and second squads are tactical marine boxed sets, kit-bashed with death company parts.

The third squad is the Assault of Black Reach models, with some extra scopes and death company bitz.

The fourth squad is the Battle for Macragge models, with extra seals and some death company bitz.


Muster – Tyranids and Blood Guard Pt 2

Well I got a bit excited with the Blood Guard after getting them mustered the other day, prompted by my wife. With the fluff written for the first five squads, one of my biggest procrastination excuses was gone. With my wife on holiday for the last five days and me on leave (looking after the kids) it turned into a really productive session. Here’s the latest pics of the Guard and one of the current strength of hive fleet Scylla.


What have I accomplished in the last five days:

1st Squad – Undercoated (Mechrite Red), first wash.

2nd Squad – Assembled, primed (except four models waiting on a Bitz order) and undercoated.

3rd Squad – Stripped, primed and undercoated.

4th Squad – Primed and undercoated.

7th Squad – Undercoated.

8th Squad – Assembled, magnetised, primed and undercoated.

9th Squad – Undercoated.

Scouts – Three models undercoated.

Sternguard – Undercoated.

Command Squad – Assembly completed, undercoated.

1st Terminator Squad – Undercoated

2nd Terminator Squad – Primed and undercoated.

3rd Terminator Squad – Primed and undercoated

Landspeeder – Armour plates @80%.

Total number of models progressed along their painting lifecycle Р95  and a Landspeeder.