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Dark Vengeance

My planned colour scheme for my Angels of Wrath, from the Dark Vengeance starter box…



Tactical Marine 1

Imperial Scenery – Imperial Sector or Individual Boxes?

I spent a bit of time doing some research on the question – should I buy the Imperial Sector box, or should I buy the individual pieces (Basilica Administratum, Sanctum Imperialis and Manufactorum)?

My confusion was extended by the fact that the box lsted these three kits as being components, but cost more than the three boxes together. I searched the internet in vain for a comparison between the kits, but could not find any.  I saw unboxing videos for the Imperial Sectr, so I knew what was in that, but couldn’t get a good answer for what was in the individual boxes.

I eventually made an educated guess (and was right), but I thought that I would lay it out here in case anyone else finds it useful (assuming someone else reads my blog that is…)

Basilica Aministratum Kit

1 Floor Sprue

2 Wall Sprues

Sanctum Imperialis Kit

1 Floor Sprue

2 Wall Sprues

Manufactorum Kit

1 Floor Sprue

2 Wall Sprues

From the unboxing video I found on YouTube, the Imperial Sector contains the following:

5 Floor Sprues

2 Manufactorum Wall Sprues

3 Sanctum Imperialis Wall Sprues

4 Basilica Administratum Wall Sprues

Which means that it contains two full Basilica Adminsitratum kits, one full Manufactorum and nearly two Sanctum Imperialis kits (one wall short of two). In the end that ends up being 4.667 times the number of sprues in each individual kit.  In Australia the Sector sells for $150, and each individual building sells for $41, leaving a ratio of 3.65 or a saving of about $41 on buying 4.667 kits separately (if you could).