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Some more Blood Guard history…

Having laid out all of my Space Marine strike force comprising almost the entire Third Company, I am in a “fluff” mood.  This has been prompted a bit by my wife walking past and asking why there is a hole in the middle (for the squads that aren’t built yet) and then asking why I hadn’t gotten around to building the remainder of the assault squads.  Part of the problem is that I haven’t quite figured out what I am intending to do with them yet, as a whole, and I like to have a good understanding of what I’m doing before diving in with the glue and regretting my actions.

I hope to give a bit of individual character to each of the squads (much like the Ultramarines Second Company from the Codex), which is what I started with the first squad.  They have a skull theme going through the whole squad, primarily in their torsoes, where there are no aquilla – just skulls.   I carried this through a bit more into the selection of the Death Company and Sanguinary Guard legs to use in the squad as well.  What I didn’t have was a bit of a background story to make sense of it all, but I figured that I would develop one later (which I have to some degree).  What I’ve also done is bed down some of the plans for the remaining squads and the characterisations that I’m going to use for them.  I’ve also included the translation of the latin name that I used for each Sergeant.

Each of the squads in the Third Company has a specific role associated with the Sergeant, in a similar way to how the Chapter assigns duties to the Captain of each company.

First Squad “Tribunes of Baal”, Sergeant Decursus, Master Sergeant

The first Sergeant has always been the primary tactical advisor to the Captain of the Third Company.  This role then led over the centuries to the first squad recruiting members with tactical acumen in order to assist the Sergeant in fulfilling this role.  Members of this squad have often served in dispersion, with the Sergeant staying with the Captain as a tactical advisor while his squad mates took command of various elements of the Imperial forces in the region.  Most members of the First Squad have more frontline experience as a regimental commander than many Imperial Guard Generals.  They are most easily identified by the Iron Skull awarded to each member, which has now become a pre-requisite skill set for promotion to the first squad.

decursus -us m. [a running down]; milit. [a manoeuvre , a charge, attack]. Transf., [the completion of a course]; rhet., [rhythmical movement].

Second Squad “Annalists”, Sergeant Bellicus, Staff Sergeant

With the Master Sergeant providing the main tactical advice (and often away on duty), the Staff Sergeant of the company is responsible for the organisation and administration of the fighting force.  While marines are generally more organised than the ordinary, there is still inevitably a plethora of administrative procedures involved in the organisation of a fighting force, and the liaison with the wider Imperial machine.  The second squad  also maintains the official records and history of the company.  The squad name, in an ancient Terran language, is a pun on the analytical skills required in administration, and in the historical role of the individuals.  Members of Squad Bellicus can be identified by the scrolls that each one carries.

bellicus -a -um [of war , warlike]. N. as subst. bellicum -i, [the signal for march or attack].

Third Squad “Long-sighted”, Sergeant Tueor, Watch Sergeant

As Watch Sergeant, Tueor is responsible for the training of ballistic skills in the company, and the security of the various bases and stations.  The men of his squad pride themselves on their marksmanship, with each using carefully adjusted sights to ensure maximun effectiveness.

tueor (or tuor) tueri tuitus and tutus dep. , and tueo -ere, [to look at, regard]; esp. [to look after, watch over, guard].

Fourth Squad “The Sealed”, Sergeant Tutelae, Sergeant at Arms

When Reclusiarch Admantis departed on an urgent mission in 900.M40 he took the Fourth Squad as his guards.  After he was fatally wounded on Gestranth VII, he blessed each member of the squad with a set of purity seals, and charged them to continue the mission that he had started.  None of the marines from that time ever told of the content of their charge, instead swearing each new member of the squad to upkeep the original promise.  They are easily identified by the purple seals adorning their weapons and armour.  As Sergeant at Arms, Tutelae is the disciplinary officer for the third Company, when the need occasionally arises.

tutela -ae f. [protection , guard, charge]; esp. of wards, etc. [guardianship, tutelage]; concr., act. [protector, guardian]; pass. [the person or thing protected].

Fifth Squad “Knives of Campunaga”, Sergeant Impugnatio, Drill Sergeant

During the Campunaga Campaign the Fifth squad came under such heavy fire that they exhausted their ammunition supplies.  Nevertheless, they had opened up a gap in the defenses of the rebels and so charged the fortress with their combat blades.  Members of the fifth squad continue to wear a combat knife on all occasions in honour of the victory.

impugnatio -onis f. [assault , attack


Muster – Blood Guard

Here is the current mustering of my space marine chapter. This represents almost all of the third company (squad 2 is in the box at the back, squad four is soaking to strip the paint off and other than that squad 10 is the only one not recruited. On the left is the detachment from the first company that is accompanying the third into battle.

This totals 5130 points.







Got some more assembly and priming done. Now I have the first and ninth squads of the third company ready to be painted, and the stern guard veterans as well.

The devestators and heavy weapon tactical marine are all magnetized so I can change the bodies out, leaving the head and legs. The rest of the bits on the board are sergeant’s arms and the combo weapons for the stern guard.




Dreadnought and Death Company #4 finished.

Here’s the final pics of the long range dreadnought Ancient Peto, and the fourth Death Company Marine, both for’s April 2012 Painting Deathmatch side challenge.


Modular hill part three

The finished, painted product. I feel that I achieved the modularity that I was aiming at, and got the project gone in three nights.










Modular hill part two

Next days work has been to add some sponge to act as moss and then texture the whole piece with sand.




Modular hill part one

Here is another terrain project for a miniwargaming group build. The theme for this build is mass production which means making a set of three items for the build.

I have been meaning to make some basic hills for a while now, and had found a great tutorial on coolminiornot on dynamic hills. I thought I’d give it a go and try to make the hills modular in a similar way to the games workshop modular hill.



















Death Company Marine 4

Here’s the next one of my death match entries for April. I just got my first one of the new GW paints – Elysian Gray. I am quite a fan and think it worked well. Bit more heavy handed with this one as in the end it is a troop choice and I need to get this army painted!



Dreadnought part four – Ancient Peto

Finished him off, or so I believe without the official jury having spoken. I’ve been indecisive about putting some static grass on the base, and have left it off for the moment.

Carrying on from my previous post on the background of Ancient Peto, I was flipping through the marine codec yesterday and got captivated by the ornamentation on Marneus Calgar’s land raider. End result was an ornate looking lascannon for Peto. Hope you like.





Dreadnought Part Three – Ancient Peto

Well, I got on another roll with my imagination and created the background for Ancient Peto who is the heavy support dreadnought in the third company.

One of the chapters most renowned marksmen Brother Peto was awarded three marksmen honors before the end of his first century of service. He was Awarded the Crux Terminatus during the sixth black crusade where he killed a chaos warhound Titan with a single eye shot of his lascannon. He served with distinction for another five centuries and won a further two hundred chapter marksmen tournaments. He was blessed with dreadnought armour during the Firth Wars in 564.M37.  His heraldry remains unchanged since his time as a sergeant, consisting of the chapter’s winged shield with the marksman’s honour centred, over a lascannon dripping blood and an honour scroll listing his major campaigns and marksman honours.  The honour on his shield lists his capital kills (landraider size and up).