Blood Guard

The Blood Guard, Space Marine Chapter 621, Sons of Sanguinius


In the middle of M36, the Chapter Master of the Blood Angels devoted a significant period of time to the study and understanding of the Scrolls of Sanguinius.  Among the Primarch’s writings was a troubling series of visions and predictions regarding the blood of the Primarch being threatened by Chaos forces, with the risk of the destruction of the Blood Angels Chapter and dire consequences only hinted at in the prophecies. Following many years of debate and further study, the Chapter Council determined that this threat would take place on Baal itself.

Concerned over the implications of this revelation on the morale of the Blood Angels, the information was not generally distributed, but the Council formed a plan to ensure the continuation of the Sons of Sanguinius if the worst case did occur. Over many years of planning, a duplicate of the Red Grail was painstakingly assembled by the Sanguinary High Priest, who slowly increased the amount of the sacred blood held until he could fill the second grail.  On completion, the Sanguinary Priesthood, Sanguinary Guard and 1st Company were split and installed on a purpose built battle barge to form the start of a new Successor Chapter, one dedicated to keeping the Blood of Sanguinius safe in order to prevent the destruction of the Primarch’s legacy.  Thus the Blood Guard was formed, roving the galaxy on their fortress to preserve against the coming threat.

The removal of so many veterans of the Chapter slowed the Blood Angels ability to prosecute the foes of the Imperium for two hundred years, but was considered a worthwile cost to ensure survival. Their role as guardians has shaped the nature of the Blood Guard over the last 4 millenia.  Almost all of the leaders of the new chapter were members of the Sanguinary Guard and due to the long-lived nature of the Sons of Sanguinius, provided the impetus for the remainder of M36 and much of M37.  The first five hundred years of recruitment and relative isolation led to a monastic view taking place among many of the senior leaders, though this has been tempered in recent years as the Blood Guard have returned to the front line in force.

The chapter modified their insignia from the Blood Angels traditional heraldry by placing the blood drop on the centre of a shield, and then having the wing coming from the edge of the shield.  Some senior members modified their original heraldry by placing the shield behind the traditional Blood Angels insignia, or left the markings unmodified as a reminder of their service to the original Chapter.    They wear dark red armour, with bone trim.  On the occasion of their founding, the Blood Angels presented them with one of the Chapter’s Banners, which they still use today.

In character, the Chapter remains very true to the teachings of Sanguinius, and displays both the most positive aspects of this nature, such as the tendancy towards the artistic and a long life span, and the curses of the Red Thirst and the Black Rage.

Major Characters

Cassellius, Chapter Master of the Blood Guard

Coming Soon

Samat, Captain of the 1st Company, Blood Guard

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Ajiusa, Captain of the 3rd Company Blood Guard

Ajiusa is renowned as one of the most tactically astute of the Blood Guard.  His steadfastness against the Red Thirst as a scout and then when he first joined the Assault squad won him quick secondment to the Devastator squads of the 9th.  From there he was moved to the 3rd where he served with distinction in the fifth squad under Sergeant Realis for over three centuries until his selection to Sergeant to replace Realis.  As the Captain of the 3rd Realis was intimate with the ability of Ajiusa to adeptly read the battlefield and to chose whichever strategy was most appropriate, repeatedly overriding his innate tendencies towards close combat.  Realis arranged for Ajiusa to be seconded to the Ultramarines for training as a Sergeant, which he completed alongside Sergeant Marneus Calgar in 258-312.M41.  On return to the 3rd company, he served as a Sergeant for the next six centuries until the death of Realis in the Campunaga Campaign of 654.M41.  He was then selected as Captain, where he has continued to serve with distinction.



3rd Company 8th Squad (Assault Marines)  – 5 members

3rd Company 4th Squad (Tactical Marines) – 1 Model finished, remainder at 0%
3rd Company 5th Squad (Tactical Marines) – 2 models finished, remainder at 0%
3rd Company 7th Squad (Assault Marines) – 0 models finished, remainder at 25%
Stormraven – 40% paintedDeath Company – 2 Models at 95%, 1 Model at 25%, 2 at 0%
Sanguinary Guard – 1 Model at 80%
Furioso Librarian Dreadnought
Death Company Dreadnought
Vanguard Veterans
Sternguard Veterans
3rd Company 1st Squad (Tactical Marines)
3rd Company 3rd Squad (Tactical Marines
)Scout Squad
Land Speeder Typhoon
Sanguinary Guard
Death Company Wave Two
adgredior -gredi -gressus dep. [to go to , approach]; with words, [to address]; of enemies, [to attack]; of business, etc., [to begin, undertake, attempt].
bellicus -a -um [of war , warlike]. N. as subst. bellicum -i, [the signal for march or attack].
decursus -us m. [a running down]; milit. [a manoeuvre , a charge, attack]. Transf., [the completion of a course]; rhet., [rhythmical movement].
iaculor -ari dep. [to throw a javelin; to shoot at a target; to throw , cast, hurl a missile]. Transf. [to make a verbal attack; to aim at, strive after; to utter].
impugnatio -onis f. [assault , attack
incessus -us m. [march , walk; manner of walking, gait; attack, assault; entrance, approach].
insequor -sequi -secutus dep. [to follow after , follow on]; in time, [to succeed; to pursue a subject; to pursue a person, censure, reproach]; in gen., [to attack, assail].
laesio -onis f. [an oratorical attack].
peto -ere -ivi and -ii -itum [to make for , go to; to attack, assail; to seek, strive after; to ask for, beg, request, demand];
polit., [to stand for, canvass for]; legal, [to sue for]; sometimes [to fetch, derive].
advigilo -are [to watch by , guard, be vigilant].cautor -oris m. [one who is on his guard, or who gives bail for another].

excubiae -arum f. pl. [lying out]; milit. , [keeping watch, keeping guard]. Transf., [watchfires; watchmen, guard].

excubitor -oris m. [sentinel , watchman, guard].

nutricius -i m. [a tutor , guardian].

praesidiarius -a -um [on guard].

satelles -itis c. [a guard, attendant; an accomplice]; plur. [escort, suite, train].

tueor (or tuor) tueri tuitus and tutus dep. , and tueo -ere, [to look at, regard]; esp. [to look after, watch over, guard]. Perf. partic. as pass. adj. tutus -a -um, [watched over]; hence [safe, secure, out of danger; watchful, cautious]. N. as subst. tutum -i, [a safe place, safety]. N. abl. tuto and adv. tute, [safely].

tutela -ae f. [protection , guard, charge]; esp. of wards, etc. [guardianship, tutelage]; concr., act. [protector, guardian]; pass. [the person or thing protected].

Squad Bellicus

Squad Decursus

Squad Tueor

Squad Tutelae

Squad Impugnatio

Squad Petoivi

Squad Incessus

Squad Insequor

Squad Praesidiarius

Squad Cautororis

Brother-Chaplain Laesio
High-Priest Satelles
Brother-Priest Advigilo
Brother-Lexicanum Nutricius
Vanguard-Brother-Sergeant Adgredior
Sternguard-Brother-Sergeant Iaculor


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