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Tau Communications Centre

This piece of terrain was made for’s terrain Group Build XXV.  The theme for this group build was containers, so I decided to use a easter egg plastic container to create a Tau Communication Centre (see forum thread here).

My wife pointed out that one of the kid’s easter egg containers would make a great piece of terrain, and I threw it in the box. When this Group Build came up I was very excited to have something that I felt I could have a decent go at.

Raw material container (used to hold one big easter egg and a couple of caramello koala’s:

Top half ripped off to form the basis for the terrain, a few of the items from the kid’s craft box, some glue and a little bit of air-drying clay later and I have the main structure sorted out (the bulldog clip is in there to hold the beer bottle top while it was gluing

What I’ve done here is added a control panel next to the door, placed fire access points on the four outer column areas, and laid the electronic and electrical wiring to the antenna’s (SATCOM antenna run the cables inside the rotating joints of the mount, so no visible wires for them).

Whole of the piece on completion of these works and ready to be painted:

Close up of the control panel next to the entry hatch:

Close up of the mast with the UHF antenna:

Rear of the mast showing the cable tray:

Close up of the HF and VHF antenna:

Close up of one of the fire access points:




View of the whole communications centre, with space marine for scale:

From a different angle:

Top down view:

Close up of the hatch and control panel:

Close up of the VHF area of the mast:

Close up of the back of the mast:

Lessons learnt:

– The citadel spray gun doesn’t work well with the paint range I use for terrain.
– Something the size of the largest antenna is really fragile when super glued on, connect it some other way next time.
– Using thread for cables works really well, but the method of painting used didn’t bring out it’s best.

+ My wife’s scrap booking set has some small hole punches which can make some great button sized chad.
+ I think the warning signs look quite good, and they were easy to make with the computer.
+ The button satellite dishes worked well, and were very easy. Must remember them for future projects.

I hope you’ve had half as much fun reading about this as I have of doing it.


Death Company Marine with Thunderhammer

I thought today I’d try and work on a single model again rather than trying to batch paint a squad.  My final conclusion is that I’m much better at single model painting than batch painting.  I look around the shelves surrounding my painting station, and I see have finished squads staring at me from everywhere, but very few unfinished character models.  I think it’s because I get sick of painting a particular colour fairly quickly and want to move on to something new, and batch painting just doesn;t allow that.

Anyway, I thought I’d try and work on a Death Company Marine for the first part of my leave period.  I put him together on Sunday night, and painted all of the details last night.  I normally hate Space Marines who take their helmets off – it just doesn’t make sense to me, but I’m going to make an exception for the Death Company and have them all bare-headed – after all, they’re there to die, why bother with extras such as helmets that stop you from really ‘sinking your teeth’ into a foe…

I tried the GW site tutorial on painting these guys, and have decided that I’m also not much for that way of doing things.  I prefer the way they’ve had the masterclasses run, where a single feature/element gets painted fully.  I just don’t have the technical skill with the brush to not make mistakes, and the idea of partially painting the gems/blood drops before the gold casings just didn’t work for me.

Anyway, here are the pictures of psychotic marine #1 wielding his thunderhammer.  I have to finish cleaning up all of the mistakes that I made overpainting on the armour, and the armour itself isn’t done at all, but the details, weapons, etc are all finished.


Well, this is my first attempt at a blog.  Here, I’m aiming to help add some structure to my otherwise extrememly disorganised warhammer hobby.

I have a slightly obsessive personality (slightly?!?!?! I hear my wife yelling…), and have a tendancy to jump into things boot, clothes, hat and all.

Here, I will attempt to chronicle my obsession with the Warhammer hobby, and try to work on consistent projects.  I want the outside world (if anyone reads this) to keep me on track and being productive.  Currently, while waiting for layers of paint to dry or for glue and green-stuff to set, I spend my time surfing the net looking for more warhammer models to buy.  I find it hard to turn down a good deal, and love the idea of modelling and painting these items.  Only problem is, I work full-time, which involves a lot of travel, study uni part time and have two pre-school aged kids.  Time for modelling is limited, and usually far exceeded by the speed at which I acquire new projects to work on.