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Cypher Conversion from Dark Vengeance Librarian

So, next on the list for conversion is the Dark Vengeance Librarian.  I thought that with his hood and robes, as well as general posture and outstretched arm, that I would try to turn him into Cypher, the Fallen Angel.  It also provides a good addition to my Chaos force, which is a little lighter on points than the Dark Angels after the two boxes are added (even considering the terminators jumping sides).

So, first off was to grab the librarian, excluding the force sword left arm, and then remove the Librarian shoulder pad and the Psychic Hood.  This ended up a bit tricky later on as a part of the shoulder pad was attached to the body which made it hard to attach the shoulder pad later, but anyway…

Then was the tedious part of removing the Dark Angels and Librarian iconography., which included both shin sections, the horns off the side of the skull in the middle of the belt, the purity seal on the book and the dark angels symbol on the tabard.  I left the books, keys, scrolls and assorted other bits because I thought they didn’t detract from the idea of Cypher – particularly if he was a lore keeper in the fluff.

I didn’t specifically take a photo of that step, but you can see it below.  Next the Librarian’s hand was removed and replaced with a bolt pistol and hand from the Chaos Marine set (little horn removed).  I thought this might add to the age idea, since the CSM items are supposed to be heresy era.  I used a Space Wolves Plasma Pistol – mostly because I thought the icon on top would do for a lion as well as a wolf and the arm pose was reasonable.  A pair of generic marine shoulder pads, one with the rivet patterns was added – the left arm was difficult because the way it connected – I had to take more off the shoulder part on the body that the previous picture showed in order to make it fit better.

The final main part was the Chaos Lord backpack, used because one of the pictures in the dataslate has a skull motif backpack on Cypher, which I liked.  It’s also not too Chaos-y – even with the skull and spine patter there are no tentacles or mutations.  I did snip off the base of the spinal column/tail bone area to level with the base of the backpack.

Here’s a side by side of the original Librarian and Cypher. I then had a quick look at the GW model on the website and realised that I had forgotten the sword, so back to the bitz box where I found the following sword (not sure what from originally):
 I chopped out the hand section and placed on the model.  I picked this sword because I am going to paint it as a scabbard and the shape lent itself to being a scabbard a bit more than many of the others that I looked at.

Here is the final product (being chased by the Ravenwing as it happens):