Desert Buildings – Knights of Dice Tabula Rasa Range

So, my wife decided to take me to CanCon today for some distraction….

I found the stand for Knights of Dice and their range of scenery.  All of it was excellent, but what caught my attention was the Tabula Rasa Desert buildings range.  They’re a minimalist set of terrain with the intent that they leave the detailing up to you but provide an easy set up and start on the process.  They’re laser cut out of MDF and the five buildings in total set me back $84 AUS, which is the cost of about 13 citadel paints (for comparison).

  Here’s what’s in the package – the smaller buildings were two or three sheets each ($14 a pop) and the larger compounds were four or five ($20 and $22).
  I found them relatively easy to assemble – as far as I can tell there is only one way to make everything fit, so you get no flexibility but no chance of getting it wrong.  There were no instructions, which could be an are for improvement – luckily the pictures on the cover did show enough angles to puzzle out which parts went where.  It took 13 minutes to punch out and test assemble the first building (Desert Residence 3), which was one of the smaller ones.  Another 10 minutes and it was all glued together and done – which included me going around the house several times to find bits that I needed.  I suspect that if I had been better prepared  would have had it together in 20 minutes.
 Access into each of the buildings is quite good.  All of the roofs are removable, as are all of the second story areas on the larger buildings.
  Overall it took around 1:30 to assemble the five pieces.

I really like the design – there simple, effective and easy.  It might be a bit repetitive if I were to scale up and have a duplicate of each building, but there was at least one more building in the range that I didn’t get, so there is a bit more scope for growth.

I’ve added the website to my favourites though.  I thought the models did exactly what they should do, and what they claim to.


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