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MWG Intimidation Challenge

Well, I’ve continued the Intimidation Challenge on for the month of November, and finally finished the four unusual techniques.  The freehand is in the previous post.

1.  Non-Metallic Metal

This is my second attempt, but it still had a huge intimidation factor for me.













Object Source Lighting

Tried to get the plasma pistol to glow purple.  I don’t think that it worked.  My better half believes its contibuted to by the fact that I’m trying to get a purple glow on a red pistol casing, but I think she may just be being kind.


3.  Zenithal Highlighting / Object Source Lighting + Freehand + Glazes

Not sure exactly what to call this one.  The definition that I found of zenithal highlighting was to make it look as if the highlights were coming from a particular light source in a specific direction.  In this case, I did all of the highlights as coming from the force axe, so it almost comes to OSL but without the glow/reflections being of a specific colour.  I thought it would go well with the feel of this Space Hulk model as wandering down a dark tunnel which is lit only by the glow of the force axe in his hand.

I also tried glazing for the first time on the Force Axe for the red/yellow glowing section, and freehanded the wood grain pattern on the shaft of the axe.

The model is now almost finished, and I’m pretty happy with it.


Since I’ve finished another model, I thought that I’d take a picture of the whole army that’s finished to date.



First Attempt at Freehand

Well, other than a few chapter markings on marines and some Eldar runes, I’ve never tried to freehand an entire design before.  Anyway, forum is running an intimidation challenge, so I took the plunge.  I must say, I’m rather pleased with how this turned out.  It’s much better than I had expected it would be and gives me some confidence in trying this on some actual models.

I painted this on a section of clear plastic from a CD case.  Why?  Well, I work woth computers, so I always have spare, slightly damaged CD cases around.  Seconfly, I didn’t want to screw up one of my models with my first attempt.  Thirdly, I have a plan for something to use this for in the future which required it to be painted on a transluscent surface.

Anyway, here’s the model that I based the picture on, from WD 364, two WIP shots and the finished product.