Chaos Sorceror Conversion

So, after a long break, I’m back into the conversion work as well as painting!  More Dark Vengeance (DV) goodies!

Chaos Sorcerer – Parts from left to right are: Sorceror head from the Chaos Terminator Lord kit, Plasma pistol and arm from the DV Tactical Sergeant – cut down a bit, the back/cape of the DV Chaos Lord – cut down around the head and around the right arm, the DV Chaos Lord torso, minor adjustments, the DV Lord Arm pistol and hand removed, and the staff from the Chaos Terminator Lord/Sorcerer kit.

Here it is put together (phone photos I’m afraid), along with the Tzeentch Champion backpack from the Chaos Tactical Marines kit.  Small amounts of green stuff added to fill the gaps and create a neck.


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