Obliterater 2 and some more Dark Vengeance Conversions

So, I decided that I needed some green stuff for my land speeder conversion, so in a land of warped logic, I spent the whole day working on an obliterater so that I had two things to work on with the green stuff at the same time.

Only, I got so distracted that I never got to the green stuff, and I never got back to the landspeeder…

So, Obliterater number two started with an Assault on Black Reach (AoBR) terminator as well, but I wanted to change the dimensions a bit more with this one.  Since it was painted, you can see the terminator bitz and the other bitz seperately in the pictures quite easily:

I made an assault cannon-like weapon out of cotton buds:

I split the terminator torso in half.  I intend to keep the back vents showing in the final model, but I want it to look like it outgrew the original armour.  Then I split up the legs instead of just going over them like the last one.  I added a landspeeder typhoon missile launcher to the top.

Then I pinned the main bitz together into an armature of the final shape:

Next I tackled the arm:

Split it up as well.  I want to keep the hand, the connector and if I can, the cable tray as well: Then I got some old audio-visual wire from a spare cord that I didn’t need any more, cut it up and used it to connect the second typhoon launcher to the right arm:

 Then for the gap filler, to which the head and the spikes (bamboo cooking skewers) are pushed into.  I then modelled some muscle shapes onto the body and inserted some paperclip wire that will become tentacles soon:

Because I was on a roll, I then chopped the arms off my second Helbrute and added the Demon Prince bitz that I bought.  I also left off the front plate with the mouth thing and the horns.  At the moment the whole thing is blue-taked together so I can see how it feels.  I’m reasonably happy with it so far:


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