Dark Vengeance Conversion – Ravenwing Sergeant Two

Here’s the next one in the list, modifying the Ravenwing Sergeant.  Again, removing the bare head in favour of a helmeted one, replacing the chainsword with a Dark Angels power fist, a Ravenwing shoulder pad and adding a Dark Angels symbol to the backpack.

I’m going to use this guy as the Veteran Sergeant and move the standard out of the box one down to an ordinary guy in the combined squad.  Alternately, they might be deployed as two smaller bike units.

So, here’s the un modified piece:


First was the arms removal, at the shoulder, IMG_1120then the head was removed.  I originally tried to keep parts of the hood, but I just couldn’t shape a head down to fit correctly with it – I ended up destroying an entire marine head in the process.  The second head only had a little bit of modification in order to allow it to fit on a flat (ish) body instead of in the normal space allocated.

Last was just the addition of an extra piece out of my bitz box, probably from a Ravenwing upgrade sprue originally.




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