Chaos Obliterator Conversion Part 2

Some more work.

So, I removed the front chest piece from the terminator, and then added gap filler to, oddly enough, fill the gap.  A chaos marine head went onto the gap filler as it set.


Next, some greenstuff to bulk up the legs.  These are also my first attempts at doing muscle shapes, and while a bit poor, I did learn a bit as I was going.  The abs definitely didn’t work quite as I’d hoped, but oh well.


I added a bit on the back of the arm as well.  Again, tried to get the look/feel of a tricep going.  Not sure I got there, but the oblits give me a bit of leeway to learn.


Lastly, I tried a technique I saw on the web the other day for making chain mail.  That used up my leftovers.






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