Chaos Obliterators Conversion Part 1

Might seem like a bit of a random change to go to Obliterators in the middle of a terminator conversion, but there is madness to my logic!

I’ve never done any significant greenstuff work before, and the next phases of my terminators conversion needs some greenstuff to achieve what I want.  So, therefore I need to learn to do greenstuff.  I’ve been surfing the net, reading and watching tutorials, and I’ve got an idea about what I want to achieve now.  So, I also have some Assault on Black Reach Terminators, and the intent is to make them Obliterators, since the Space Hulk and Dark Vengeance boxes have given me an oversupply of terminator models.  Since the conversion seems to be relatively straightforward, and ‘fleshmetal’ type organic looks seem to be a decent way to learn/practice to greenstuff, it’s over to these guys for a while.  It also gives me space to get things wrong and then bulk up the model with another layer, which my terminators probably wouldn’t accept as easily.

I’ve been keeping some stuff in my bathroom for a while because I like the interesting shapes.  For anyone who hasn’t seen these before, they are inter-dental brushes used as a substitute for floss.  They last a week or so, come in packs of ten in the supermarket.  I’ve been using a couple of different brands, and cleaning off and keeping the used brushes in a corner of the bathroom.  They also come with caps which have a series of different sizes.


The second set of materiels is a cotton bud (again from the bathroom, this time unused) and the terminator arm itself.

IMG_1070First off, I cut off the magazine and stored for later.  Then I cut the end off one of the caps from the interdental brushes and added it below.

IMG_1071Next the cotton bud got cut into four sections, the edges straightened up a bit and them backed in to look like an automatic weapon barrel.  This was then added to the side of the arm.

IMG_1072Next came the greenstuff, into which was also pushed a part of a chainsword that I cut out for the Terminator conversion in an aborted attempted to make a chainfist out of one of the powerfist guys.  Turned out to be almost perfect for this though!  I’ve tried to make the greenstuff look like fleshy, ropy muscle bits on the outside parts, and I decided to keep the shoulder pad intact as well as the feed tube type part from the terminator model.

IMG_1073On the inside, I’ve then had a first attempt at sculpting eyes to match the Dark Vengeance eye theme.  This took a bit of playing around, but thanks to some great you-tube videos around I think I managed something at least passable.  Better yet, I learnt a lot.


Here is the arm back on the body.  The body will get a fair bit of work yet, and a whole scratch built left arm to boot.


IMG_1075There is still a little bit to fix between the weapons/on top of the arm area, some bits to smooth out and some muscles to add.  I decided to wait to let the first bit set before tackling the next phase, since that seems to be most of the advice online – don’t bite off too much in one sitting!

I learnt a lot from this.

1.  Greenstuff goes further than I thought it would.  I mixed what I expected to be a first part only, and then got everything I wanted out of it.

2. Be careful what you hold.  I lost one of the eyes and had to reform after a careless thumb indentation…

3. The general smoothing and making the eye shape was roughly what I expected, which was good!



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