Chaos Terminators Dark Vengeance Conversion Part 2

The work continues.  On a roll!

On to the Assault Cannon Terminator. I’m going to leave the weapon relatively untouched and play as a Reaper Autocannon.  Anyway, the insignia went on this one as well.  After this picture the swords hanging from the waist were removed as well.  I smoothed out the winged insignia.  Not sure exactly what it will end up being, maybe just painted.

IMG_1055IMG_1054IMG_1057Then onto the assembly.  I’m not going to fiddle with the pose too much for this guy:



Next was Chainfist guy – again, scrapping off the insignia.


The Sergeant -> Aspiring Champion was next, with the obligatory insignia scrape.  I then tried to convert the headdress into a more Chaos feel – my main theme is Tzeencth, so I thought I’d see if I could get it to look a bit like the sorcerer’s helmet:



After that, I dove back into the bits box and did the initial assembly.

Here’s the whole squad at the moment:


And each of the individual guys:

Powerfist 1:  Not much change yet.  This guy has the Chainfist models bolter arm to change the pose up a bit.


Powerfist 2: This guy had his arm significantly repositioned as per the last post, and then got the sorcerer Terminator front and one of the spare heads.


Chainfist: Spare bolter arm and the space shoulder pad from the Lord pack.  His chest wing thing has been shaped into more of a demonic spike with the feather shaved off.


Cannon: Just shorn of insignia at this stage.


Champion: Insignia cleaned up, the headdress changed and a top knot from a spare aspiring champion head from the Chaos Marines kit.



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