Chaos Terminators Dark Vengeance Conversion Part 1

Well, after much internet browsing and musing, I’ve decided to even up the two armies that are out at the moment.  I had a second box set of Dark Vengeance hanging around from when it came out, but using all of models again in their original configuration is going to be way too unbalanced, both in points for the game and in general play.

The current plan is:

Angels of Wrath (Dark Angels):

Get another squad of Tactical Marines.

Expand the bike squad to six, converting the sergeant into a veteran sergeant.

For the Chaos Side (The Inner Order):

Get twenty more cultists.

Convert the Deathwing into Chaos Terminators.

Convert one of the characters into a Chaos Sorcerer.

Expand the Chosen Squad.


Not entirely sure what I’m going to do with the other characters and the Helbrute.  I was thinking of turning the Helbrute into an Obliterator, but I might make some Obliterators out of my old Assault on Black Reach Terminators that don’t really have a current home.  Since I’ve got the Space Hulk models for my Blood Angels I really don’t need the other five terminators as well.

Anyway, the definite parts first.  Converting the Terminators seems like it is going to be a bit of a challenge, but my research is done and I have the spare bitz from my Chaos Terminator Lord kit and from the two Chaos Marine boxes as well.

First off are the two identical models.  Here’s the starting pieces:


I’ve carefully scrapped off the insignia:



The next part was to trim off the angle of the bolter arm.  There’s a piece of the shoulder that I cut off.  The picture below is just before the trimming – the small ‘triangle’ shape section on the arm went, along with the ‘stub’ that it was supposed to fit onto on the model which kept it posed at the ‘correct’ angle.


For the second one of these, I have used the spare chest piece from the Chaos Lord kit, along with one of the bare heads – the others don’t fit well.



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