New Tree Technique

Well, I’ve been meaning to do this for a while to see if it worked.  I’ve wanted a forest piece of scenery, but hadn’t really been too inspired by a lot of the techniques that I had found, and didn’t really want to be using Games Workshop stuff.

I had this idea about two and a half years ago, and got all the things for the project, but then never got around to doing it.

The finished piece is the centre of a large forest.  This piece is removable so that a unit can hide in the middle of the forest more easily on the tabletop.

I started by cutting three pieces of wire to similar lengths.



Then I twisted them into a combined piece, leaving a small amount at one end (about half an inch) and a longer amount at the other end (about 3/4 – 1 inch) as loose pieces.



Then I made another two ‘combined’ pieces of wire.  Then the three were twisted together to make a tree, with the short ends sticking out the bottom as the roots and the longer ends out the top as the branches.  Each of the three ‘combined’ pieces pulled out at different places.

I made one with some sets of four wires as well, into a bigger ‘centrepiece’ tree.

Then I used some gap filler to cover in most (but not all) of the gaps and placed the trees on a CD. I built the ground around them, leaving some of the roots showing.



My helper fetched bits out of the garden and the bits box to help me put together the rest of the ground pieces.






Then we used a toothbrush to “paint” the gap filler onto the rest of the trees:



After that we added some scrubbing brushes as bushes, rocks and bark from the garden and then some GW sand.  The other piece with the CD in the background is the bigger piece.  This item sits on top of the other CD on top of the hill.



The final raw product ready to be undercoated:



Then painted.  The little tree on the left side was made using the same technique, only with paperclips as the source material:


With models for scale:

015 016


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