Angels of Wrath – Tactical Squad and Characters

Well, I finally decided to get back to the actual models again now that I’ve refreshed my muscle memory with some terrain.  I’ve been meaning to get the Dark Vengeance kit fully assembled for a while now, and my son has been asking to play for a little while as well (he’s just turned eight), so it seemed a perfect time to grab out Dark Vengeance and work through the rules again and hopefully get inspired enough to paint.  I have no intention on having a second marine army to spend a lot of time on, so these are aimed at being tabletop level painting only, and my son decided he was very happy with being “the good guys” and with the paint scheme that I already had in mind for them as well.

We played the tutorial from Dark Vengeance and then we tried the Hellfire Stone mission from the game as well with some terrain that he was desperate to include.  He won the first game, and then I won the second.

Anyway, the models got assembled, primed and basecoated between the two games.  The Chaos side has been primed white (for two years now).

For the power armour I basecoated with Leadbelcher, then a Nuln Oil wash, then layer with Chaimail.  Some parts then have a highlight of Runefang Steel.

Eyes have been undercoated with The Fang, then basecoated with Enchanted Blue, layer of Ice Blue.

Librarian’s armour is undercoated in The Fang, then basecoated Enchanted Blue, Nuln Oil wash. This wasn’t working, so I then painted it Ultramarine Blue (Mont Marte) with a Nuln Oil wash.

Green sections are painted with Monte Marte Hookers green, then a highlight of 50-50 Hookers Green and Monte Marte Light Green, then highlight of Light Green.  This wasn’t working too well on the fine highlights – the Mont Matre paint just doesn’t have the same consistency that the GW range does and so was a lot harder to paint effective highlights with.  I switched to Scorpion Green for the last three.

The black armour is highlighted with Eshin Grey then a Dawnstone fine edge highlight.

The weapon metal is Leadbelcher, then with two Nuln Oil washes to really darken them compared to the armour, then with a highlight of Leadbelcher.

The gold sections are done in Balthasar Gold, then a Nuln Oil Wash, layered in Balthasar Gold again and then highlight in Runefang Steel.

Brown sections are Scorched Brown, highlight of Vermin Brown, the Vomit Brown.

Scrolls are Khemri Brown then layer of Ushabti Bone then highlight in Screaming Skull.

Seals and red rope are Khorne Red, Nuln Oil, Khorne Red Layer and Blazing Orange Highlight.

Grenades are done in Orkhide Shade and then with a light drybrush of Goblin Green.

And then the miniatures:

Marines CombinedMarines Close CombinedDV Action Shot



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