Dreadnought Part Three – Ancient Peto

Well, I got on another roll with my imagination and created the background for Ancient Peto who is the heavy support dreadnought in the third company.

One of the chapters most renowned marksmen Brother Peto was awarded three marksmen honors before the end of his first century of service. He was Awarded the Crux Terminatus during the sixth black crusade where he killed a chaos warhound Titan with a single eye shot of his lascannon. He served with distinction for another five centuries and won a further two hundred chapter marksmen tournaments. He was blessed with dreadnought armour during the Firth Wars in 564.M37.  His heraldry remains unchanged since his time as a sergeant, consisting of the chapter’s winged shield with the marksman’s honour centred, over a lascannon dripping blood and an honour scroll listing his major campaigns and marksman honours.  The honour on his shield lists his capital kills (landraider size and up).



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