Heavy Support and new enemies

Well, it’s about time I got properly stuck into some heavy support.  I’m putting together some devastators for the first time, and I wish I’d done it sooner.  I think that if I’d had the option to be a Marine, I’d want to be a Devastator.  That, or an Assault Marine, probably depends on the mood, but overall, I think Devastator still wins.  I love big guns.

Anyway, here are the pics from the last week.

Devastators mid assembly – looks like a lot, but it is only one squad.  They’re disconnected at the waist so that I can exchange the torsoes and swap the weapon options out and interchange with the tactical squads as well.  The heads are likewise going to be magnetised as Blood Angels devastators wear different colour helmets to the tactical heavy weapon users.

Next on the painting table is a SM Dreadnought for this month’s Miniwargaming.com Painting Deathmatch side challenge.  Just started, and I’m trying out using my new smart phone for blog updates instead of the fancy camera that my wife uses that creates pictures that need so much editing I can’t keep up (good for high quality photos though).


And, for the final part this post, my new toys arrived off eBay:


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