First Genestealer

Here’s the first genestealer for my Tyranid Splinter Fleet.  The model is from the Space Hulk set.  I’m making up the colour scheme for my own splinter fleet, and I’m aiming at getting a combination of a space wolves style grey with an ultramarines style dark blue carapace.

I also painted some sections of a SM Scout while I had the reds out.


1.  Basecoat of Fenris Grey.

2.  Badab Black wash applied into the tear/line sections (Whatever they are) only

3.  Layer of 1:1 Space Wolves Grey and Fenris Grey

4.  Layer of 4:1 Space Wolves Grey and Fenris Grey (Right hand side of the model only at this stage)

5.  Highlight of pure Space Wolves Grey.  (Two right hand arms only)


1.  Basecoat of Vomit Brown

2.  Highlight of Golden Brown


1.  Basecoat of Mordian Blue, then Regal Blue.

2.  Whole carapace washed with Badab Black.

3.  Layer of Regal Blue

4.  Highlight of Enchanted Blue

5.  Fine Edge Highlight of Ice Blue

Claws (Only the front right hand arm claws are done – testing out the colour matching)

1.  Basecoat of Chaos Black

2.  Layer of Liche Purple

3.  Highlight of Warlock Purple

4.  Highlight of 1:1 Warlock Purple and Bleached Bone

5.  Highlight of pure Bleached Bone (Heavily watered down)


1.  Basecoat of Dark Angels Green

2.  Highlight of Snot Green

3.  Highlight of 1:1 Snot Green and Scorpion Green

4.  Highlight of Scorpion Green

Blood Guard Head

1.  Basecoat of Mechrite Red

2.  Wash with Badab Black

3.  Layer of Scab Red

4.  Highlight of Blood Red

5.  Highlight of Fiery Orange


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