Commander Casselius (Dante Conversion)

Well, my Chapter needs a leader, and while I could leave it to the two Captains that I’ve painted to do this, my collection has grown large enough to warrant a full Commander in charge. That and the fact that I love the rules that Dante brings (and Casselius will count as Dante as there is no other option to get a Commander in the Blood Angels Codex other than Seth, and I just don’t like him after reading the Blood Angels series of books). Anyway.

Dante came to me second hand, and without his Axe. I’m not really an axe fan anyway, so this gave me the opportunity to replace it with a much more elegant master-crafted weapon that I kept for this purpose from the Sanguinary Guard kit.

Next problem with the Dante model – he is outclassed by Astorath and the Sanguinor. They’re hovering look, the extra height and the wings – I can see why there are so many Dnate’s being kitbashed out of plastic components at the moment. Anyway, I still had the original, so that’s the base for my Chapter master. Plus, I do think I can get the model looking better. First step though is to mimic the hovering look from the Sanguinor and Astorath. I made a armature from paperclips and sprue, because I want the final model to be able to detach from the base for easy transport. You can see in the sprue that I ‘pinned’ the paperclips in for strength, and then drilled out a hole for the magnet which will hold the two pieces together. In the end, I think the spure ended up more metal than plastic by volume…

A bit of weight (metal cuttings) and then a strengthening piece accross the base, and then covered with modelling sand and glue to fill in the shape. The base is currently an Australian 10c piece (for weight) which is 1-2mm in radius smaller than the GW bases. The rock is out of the garden. Here you can see the finished base and the matching magnet in Casellius/Dante’s back.

Finally, after the glue dries, the final fit! He ended up just the height that I wanted him, which matches the Sanguinor and Astorath, and stands him a head above the Sanguinary Guard (shown in the last picture). I knocked the sword off in the middle of the photos, and glued it back on again.

Next steps:

Sculpt some scrolls onto the base.

Put wings onto the backpack.

Sculpt shields behind the blood angels symbols.

Get rid of the section under his halo and above his head (maybe – still trying to decide on that part).


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