Kitbashed & Magnetised Sternguard Veterans

Here’s the almost finished Sternguard Veteran squad.  I do need to use a bit of green stuff in the shoulder joint of the Sergeant to fix my mistake with the magnets, and then drill out the barrels on the weapons (when I get a smaller drill bit).

I’m pleased with how the templar stuff worked out, with the weapons covering all of the Templar specific iconography.  I’ve played around a bit with the combi-weapon guys space arms.  I’m not too fussed with the guy carrying the spare ammo, though he doesn’t look bad.  The guy with the auspex is pretty pleasing.

The Sergeant has been very heavily magnetised with all of the pieces from the Commander kit.  The plan is for both the Sternguard and Vanguard veteran Sergeants to be able to be used as Commanders as well – in my mind there’s very little difference between the most senior sergeants in the Chapter and the most junior Captain anyway.  Again, happy with how this guy has worked out with the backpack options as well as a very good variety of weapons.

Anyway, enough of the rambling.  Here are the pictures:


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