Kitbashing Death Company & Veterans Part 1

Well, here commences the kit bashing stage of the army.  I’ve been collecting some bitx for a while, with the intention of using the parts from my Battleforce to marke up:

5 Death Company Marines

5 Vanguard Veterans

5 Sternguard Veteran

1 Sanguinary High Priest (Counts as Corbulo)

5 Assault Marines; and

10 Tactical Marines.

I got the following extra peices from bits stores:

Sang. Guard Wings, Jetpacks, Legs, Heads (Exc. Death Masks) and Shoulder Pads

5 Extra Death Company Legs

2 sets of Devestator accessories (scrolls, seals, etc.)

5 Extra Tactical Legs

2 Black Templaer torsoes

Command Squad Shoulder Pads (inc. 5 with Terminator Honours)

Space Marine Commander kit.

Here’s what it ends up looking like when all snip’ed off and stored in seperate piles:

What I’ve done now is put together the legs and torsoes.  I had just enough legs, but managed to be significantly flush with torsoes.  Plan with these is to make the heavy weapon options interchangeable on the tactical squad (maybe even the heads as well so the models can go to Devestator Squads).  I think I may even get an extra 5 Tactical Marines out of my left over pieces.

These are only blue-tacked together at the moment, which is why the toroes look a bit high.  I’m after any feedback as to the combinations – not sure if in mixing the standard tactical and assault marine peices into the elite units has worked out or not.  Plan for those legs is to paste on the purity seals moderately heavy handedly to make them blend in, but I don’t want to get too far into that yet.  Sternguard will have a few of the front sashes put on, as well as some scrolls on their weapons to make them stand out.

Anyway, here they are:

Death Company, then Sternguard, then Vanguard.


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  1. No small task you’re taking on there. Some of the older posts are quite impressive, still impressed by the non metalics. I should be able to get some done come Dec, probably going to start on the converted watch tower. Long over due.

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