Sanguinary Priest

Next on the agenda is a Sanguinary priest.  I picked up one of the old metal models off e-bay (sans left arm) and have kit bashed it with some components from the Death Company kit.  This guy is intended to work with a large assault squad, and has just the basic bolt pistol.  I intend to magnetise the back pack and enable it to be changed out with the original Apothecary backpack so he can go with a tactical squad as well, which will be my first go at magnetising models.  The plan for the army is to do quite a few magnetised components for the Death Company, Vanguard Veterans and Sternguard Veterans.  In essence, I’m a cheapskate and want to get as many different options for my money as possible.  The current intent is to kit bash the Sternguard and Vanguard using leftover bits from the Death Company and Sanguinary Guard, supplemented by some extra purchases from bits stores on e-bay (legs in particular).  I’m thinking about making the Vanguard and Sternguard Sergeant models as backup Captains as well to give the force a bit of variety in HQs (although I’m fairly HQ strong at the moment).

Anyway, here’s the pics of the Sanguinary Priest.  I chose to use the bolt pistol from the DC kit with the Grail on it as well as the DC Jump Pack with the Grail and blood drops to try to get a more Sang. Priestly Blood Angels look to the model.  Having pored through all of my collections of spare shoulder pads, I’ve picked the Sanguinius holding the Grail as my S. Priest emblem for the Chapter, which I will also use on the High Priest model (counts as Corbulo) which I’m just starting to put together the conversion pieces for now.





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