Death Company & Sanguinary Guard

Well, I’ve had a productive couple of days now that I’m back from holidays.  I’ve finished off the first of my Death Company, except for the glosses.  I haven;t tried painting highlights on black in three stages before – I’ve normally just done one layer of Codex Gray.  Having a 1:1 layer of Codex Gray/Chaos Black followed by a layer of Codex Gray, followed by Fortress Gray has come out a lot brighter than I’m used to.  I’ll have to leave it sit for a while to see if it grows on me or not.

Next project is a bit of a bigger one – I’m trying to learn how to pain Non-Metallic Metal for the armour of my Sanguinary Guard, and then my converted Dante (when I get him converted).  I’m using the Masterclass from WD 364.  Here’s the end of the first five stages of the armour painting.  I need to go and get some Dark Flesh paint before I can work on the next stages.  The shoulder guard was painted when I ran out of armour stages that I could finish, and is in the standard Chpater colours of Scab Red with Bleached Bone trim.


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