Well, this is my first attempt at a blog.  Here, I’m aiming to help add some structure to my otherwise extrememly disorganised warhammer hobby.

I have a slightly obsessive personality (slightly?!?!?! I hear my wife yelling…), and have a tendancy to jump into things boot, clothes, hat and all.

Here, I will attempt to chronicle my obsession with the Warhammer hobby, and try to work on consistent projects.  I want the outside world (if anyone reads this) to keep me on track and being productive.  Currently, while waiting for layers of paint to dry or for glue and green-stuff to set, I spend my time surfing the net looking for more warhammer models to buy.  I find it hard to turn down a good deal, and love the idea of modelling and painting these items.  Only problem is, I work full-time, which involves a lot of travel, study uni part time and have two pre-school aged kids.  Time for modelling is limited, and usually far exceeded by the speed at which I acquire new projects to work on.


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